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Research Center

YSB Center for Global ESG and Business Ethics



Teaching is an important cornerstone of the Center. We promote a unique multidisciplinary approach to teaching business ethics for both Managers and Business school students. Accordingly, we offer the following case-based courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • Business Ethics and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Management Ethics Forum
  • Ethics for Artificial Intelligence
  • Internal Control and Auditing
  • Corporate Governance and Financial Fraud

Research is the first pillar of the Center. Our aim is to generate and support outstanding and multidisciplinary research in corporate governance and business ethics having a direct impact on business world.
Below you will see a list of the most recent publications

Peer Refereed Journal Publications

  1. "The Association between Human Resource Investment in IT controls over Financial Reporting and Investment Efficiency," 2021, coau, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems (SSCI): Forthcoming. 
  2. "Social Ties, Managerial Overconfidence, and Investment Efficiency," 2021, coau, Finance Research Letters (SSCI): Forthcoming. 
  3. "Pay-for-performance plans reconsidered from a social network perspective: A conceptual analysis," 2021, Yonsei Business Review 58(1): 109-145. [Printed in Korean]  
  4. "Do successful Jacks make a successful team? Members' functional experience and team performance," 2021, Yonsei Business Review 58(2): 101-134. [Printed in Korean] 
  1. "Use of Derivatives as Hedging Instruments and Market Pricing of Earnings," 2020, coau, Korean Accounting Review 45(5): 161-201. [Printed in Korean]
  2. "The Effect of CEO’s Overconfidence on Capitalized R&D Expenditures," 2020, coau, Korean Journal of Business Ethics 20(1): 1-35. [Printed in Korean]
  3. "A Meta-Analytic Investigation of Task-Related Diversity and Psychological and Behavioral Integration in Top Management Teams and the Moderating Role of National Cultural Characteristics," 2020, Korean Management Review 28(2): 1-26. [Printed in Korean]
  4. "When Organizational Performance Matters for Personnel Decisions: Executives' Career Patterns in a Conglomerate," 2020, Management Accounting Research 49. 
  5. "Do Previous Promotion Awards Affect Current Decisions? Investigation of Intertemporal Correlations of Personnel Decisions," 2020, Asia-Pacific Journal of Business 11(4): 1-19.
  1. "Audit Firm Attributes and Auditor Litigation Risk," 2019, coau., ABACUS - A Journal of Accounting, Finance and Business Studies 21 (SSCI): Forthcoming.
  2. "Investment in Internal Auditing and Governance Characteristics: Evidence with the Largest Shareholder Ownership and Board Independence," 2019, coau., Managerial Auditing Journal (SSCI): Forthcoming.
  3. "The Role of Labor Unions in Corporate Transparency in Auditor Change Process," 2019, coau., Sustainability 11 (SSCI): 1-21.
  4. "Use of Derivatives as Hedging Instruments and Application of Hedge Accounting: Effects on Income Volatility," 2019, coau., Korean Accounting Review 44(2): 1-38.
  5. "Association between Managerial Ownership and Firm Efficiency," 2019, coau., International Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Performance Evaluation 15(3): Forthcoming.
  6. "The Effect of the Trusted Taxpayer Designation on Corporate Tax Avoidance Behavior," 2019 Asian Journal of Business and Accounting 12(2): Forthcoming.
  7. "Failure of Control Environment of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., LTD.," 2019, coau., Asian Case Research Journal 23(2): Forthcoming.
  8. "Social Ties between Inside Directors and Outside Directors, Executive-Employee Pay Disparity, and Firm Performance," 2019 Korean Accounting Review 44(5): 145-191.
  9. "A Study on Social-Ties between Inside and Outside Board Members and Firm's Investment Efficiency," 2019, coau., Korea Business Ethics Journal 19(1): 1-35. [printed in Korean].
  10. "A Technology-Based IPO in Korea's Pharmaceutical Bio-Industry: ABL Bio Case," 2019, coau., Korea Business Review 23(4): 187-210. [printed in Korean].
  11. "The Characteristics of Corporate Governance and Earnings Management within Defense Industries," 2019, coau., Korea Business Education Review 34(2): 227-259. [printed in Korean].
  12. “Defining Supply Chain Management: In the Past, Present, and Future.” 2019, coau., Journal of Business Logistics 40(1): 44-55.
  13. “An Empirical Study on the Effect of a Production Strategy,” 2019, coau., Korean Journal of Logistics 27(1): 47-70.
  14. "CEO Power and Firm Opacity," 2019, Appplied Economics Letters 26(10): 791-794.

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