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Yonsei Business Research Institute Director | Jhinyoung Shin

For the past few years, Korea has faced a dramatic transformation in its business environment. Amid such fast-paced changes, The Yonsei Business Research Institute has contributed to the advancement of management research and in establishing a partnership between academics and industries. Forging ahead, the Yonsei Business Research Institute will continue to spearhead the collaborative efforts between the university and its business constituencies. To achieve this mission YBRI will actively pursue the following activities:

First, YBRI will integrate business research with issues of the Northeast Asian region including Korea and host global seminars and conferences based on the results of its research.

Second, YBRI will develop practical models that enable the application of its various specialized research in management. In designing such models, YBRI will cooperate with other research centers in business to promote greater collaboration between academia and business.

Third, YBRI will strive to share and publicize its research with external organizations. Much of the research output from YSB faculty members are being published in major domestic and international academic journals. YBRI will adopt a membership system and distribute all research reprints and working papers to its members.

Lastly, I would like to ask the various interest groups in academia and business to support the various endeavors outlined above. Thank you.

Yonsei Business Research Institute Director | Jhinyoung Shin

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