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Organization and Staff

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Organization and Staff
BMW Center for European Management Center for Global ESG and Business Bthics
Culture & Art Management Research Center Yonsei Business Date Center
Creative Management Research Center Chinese Business Research Center
Web 3.0 Business Sesearch Center Small Business Research Center
Center for AI Methodologies in Business Research Global Business Research Center
Marketing Strategy Research Center Brand & Business +AI Marketing Research Center
Yonsei Finance Rsearch Center Center for Digital Society
Supply Chain Management/Logistics Research Center Accounting Research Center
Research Center for Sustainable Management AI Business Strategy Research Center
Center for Quantitative Analysis in Marketing  
Organization and Staff
Position Name Email Contact Job
Director Kyung Min Park KMINPARK@YONSEI.AC.KR 02-2123-5488
Deputy Director Seunghwan Jung SEUNGHWAN.JUNG@YONSEI.AC.KR 02-2123-5473
Staff Hyun Ah Jang changwha99@yonsei.ac.kr 02-2123-3527
Staff Hyeunwook Oh ybri3527@yonsei.ac.kr 02-2123-3528

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