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Research Center

Research Center
Small Business Research Center
(Director: Lee, Ji Man, Associate Director: Chung, Yerim)
Chinese Business Research Center
(Director: Jooyoung Kwak, Associate Director: Chang Sue Ryung)
Web 3.0 Business Sesearch Center
(Director: Suh, Kil-Soo, Associate Director: Kim, Ji-hyun)
Research Center for Sustainable Management
(Director: Moon, Doocheol, Associate Director: Andres Guiral)
Global Business Research Center
(Director: Jong Min Lee, Associate Director: Jooyoung Kwak)
Yonsei Business Data Center
(Director: Hyun-Han Shin, Associate Director: Park, Saeyeul)
Creative Management Research Center
(Director: Jin Woo Kim, Associate Director: Sun Mee Choi)
BMW Center for European Management
(Director: Youngchan Kim)
Marketing Strategy Research Center
(Associate Director: Kim Dong Hoon)
Center for Quantitative Analysis in Marketing
(Director: Donghoon Kim, Associate Director: Kim, Young Chan)
Center for Digital Society
(Director: Sun Ju Park)
Supply Chain Management/Logistics Research Center
(Director: Min, Soon Hong, Associate Director: Dae Sik Hur)
AI Business Strategy Research Center
(Director: Kun Shin Im, Associate Director: Seung Hyun Kim)
Accounting Research Center
(Director: Choi, Won-Wook)
Center for Global ESG and Business Ethics
(Director: Ho-Young Lee, Associate Director: Soon Hong Min)

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