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Overview | Succesful Management, A Partner for National Development

Founded in 1958 to promote theoretical and empirical research in management, YBRI supports all research-related activities at the school of business. YBRI supports research projects on business management, sponsors academic activities, exchanges information with domestic and foreign research institutes, and conducts joint research on specific topics. It also publishes periodicals and other materials.

The Research Committee supports research by the YSB faculty and implements the YBRI’s plans. The committee, consisting of the director and associate director of YBRI, editor and managing editor of the Yonsei Business Review, auditor, and research coordinators from each of the five departments, oversees major research activities such as department-specific seminars and international symposiums. In addition, the committee gathers the opinions and ideas of individual faculty members on research and incorporates them in its decision-making process.

YBRI and the five departments of YSB work closely to operate a number of research centers that attract funding from industry and conduct projects with their researchers. In addition, some research centers play a major role in hosting conferences. As the overseeing organization, YBRI supervises the activities of these research centers and manages their support funds.

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